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Courses Offered till Now
  • CSE435: Advanced Communication Networks (Monsoon 2018, Monsoon 2019, Monsoon 2020) (IIITH)
  • CSE512: Distributing Trust and Blockchains (Spring 2018, Monsoon 2018, Monsoon 2019, Monsoon 2020) (IIITH)
  • CSE481: Optimization Methods (Spring 2017, Spring 2018) (IIITH)
  • CSE498: Introduction to Game Theory (Monsoon 2016, Monsoon 2017, Spring 2019, Spring 2020)  (IIITH)
  • Advanced Topics in Algorithmic Game Theory and Mechanism Design (Spring 2015) (EPFL)
Teaching Assistantship
  • Game Theory and Mechanism Design, IISc Bangalore.
  • CS430: Intelligent Agents, EPFL, Fall 2014.
  • CS436: Computational Game Theory and Applications, EPFL, Fall 2014.

Teaching Statement

One of the important reasons I prefer an academic job is the opportunity of interacting with students and facilitating their learning process. I believe that instilling knowledge to others develops new insights into the subject every time for the teacher. My teaching experiences, teaching philosophy, and teaching interests are as follows.

Teaching Philosophy

In the current era, all the information is available at fingertips, then why are the teachers necessary? I was always fortunate to have good teachers throughout my life. One thing I learned from my teachers is that a good teacher is one who makes students curious about the subject rather than just providing information on the topic. In my opinion, a teacher should make students self-dependent and prepare them to apply the principles taught in the class to new problems. Towards this, I trust that students learn better by active participation than by only delivering lectures. Consequently, instead of just supplying students with course material, I will keep my classes more interactive by posing questions to students to trigger their thinking, making them solve varied assignments, small projects, and student presentations.

As the wise saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words; I will use graphics and slides in the class. At the same time, from my personal experience as a student, fundamental things, especially involving mathematical formulations, are better grasped when a teacher writes them down on a blackboard. Hence, I use the right blend of both the techniques, that is, slides complemented by the blackboard.

I will reserve office hours for each course that I am teaching to enable more interaction with students, to clarify their doubts, be their companion in their journey of learning the subject, and provide more pointers to bright, inquisitive students for learning beyond the scope of the course.

Teaching Plan

Algorithm design plays a vital role in the design of many economic markets, such as auctions. This area of research is widely known as EconCS (Economics and Computer Science). My research has been broadly in EconCS. The desired solutions need to be computationally efficient and need to be robust to manipulations by the participating agents. This calls upon techniques from game theory and algorithm design, as well as optimization theory and basic math. In specific settings, the agents also care about privacy about their presence and their actions where cryptography plays an important role.

I am interested in teaching Algorithmic Game Theory and Mechanism Design for Masters students across various engineering departments and Advanced Topics in Algorithmic Game Theory at the doctoral level for computer science students. Though the game theory was developed by economists and mathematicians to study the analysis of conflicts, it has found widespread applications in various engineering fields. Learning the techniques from game theory will be useful for students in solving many real-world problems involving strategic agents having conflicting interests. The goal in the course will be to teach how to compute various solutions proposed in game theory efficiently. Thus,

Algorithmic Game Theory and Mechanism Design course will be useful for students in many engineering departments as well as for math students to get a flavor of algorithmic aspects of the game theory.

Based on my research and interests, I can also offer Linear Algebra, Applied Probability and Stochastic Models, and Cryptography for undergraduate students. I can teach Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Computational Methods of Optimization at Masters level. (More details about the contents of the courses in the appendix)

To conclude, I am passionate about taking teaching responsibilities and offering courses connected with my research.