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This is place where you will know something about me including acads and about my personal life.

GOD sent me to this beautiful planet earth on 9th May 1980. Since then I am enjoying life. My experience of living on earth, though for small duration till now, I have concluded that "everything happens for good". 

About me : difficult job to write this column.
The main thing about me is I prefer "Be Happy". I am positive thinker, love to take challenges but slightly lazy. There is some critic attitude as well with me. I like making friends. Good memory and quick eyesight are plus points. Generally I don't get angry, but @ times I may loose my temper at trifling issues. I hate dishonesty. Business, economics, and math attract me. I am also interested in roaming around the world, knowing different people, cultures etc. 

About my life till I reach IISc. 

Since my childhood, my academic life was pretty good and I' am very proud of it.

My schooling till 10th was done at 'Maharashtra  Mandal'(1984-95) in Pune. During my school days I won many prizes at state level in Mathematicsincluding 'Ganit Parangat'. Also, I won consolation prizes(8th and 9th) in Maharashtra talent search (MTS) examinations conducted at state level.

After 10th I studied at "L.R. Apte Prashala and Jr College" (1995-97) in  Pune. I cleared IIT - JEE examination (1998), but I didn't go there, reasons for which are still not clear to me.  

I did my Bachelors in "Govt. College of Engineering, Pune-5", known mostly as COEP. It is the legendary college with great history of 150 years (Established 1854), one of the oldest engineering colleges in India. Great engineers like Vishweshvaria were students of this institute for further details visit

I completed my BE in Electronics and Telecommunication in June 2001 with 70% aggregate marks. In Pune University 70% marks for engineering are considered to be tough to score. I was always in Top 5 in the class. I had presented paper on robotics in "Innovation 2000" a paper competition. 
Through out my academic life I scored distinction. 

During my engineering life I developed a good interest in electronic circuit designing. (Analog as well as Digital. )

I was offered Design Engineer post in VLSI  development by Motorola India through campus. But I always believed in starting from scratch so I joined a new start-up in Pune called PACE Soft Silicon, Pvt. Ltd. There I was working in cryptography and DSP, which was one of the major reasons to leave Motorola.

I learnt a lot during my 3 years association with PACE and dealt with many challenging projects onsite/offsite. My interests in Cryptography and Network Security nurtured during this period. While working I realized that if want to do great contribution to this field, I need to develop strong mathematical and theoretical background in the subject. So I decided to join IISc and do my masters in computer science. I completed my Masters in July 2006. IIsc developed a lot of interest for research in me. So here now I am doing PhD in Computer Science Dept in IIsc, more details can be found here My Life @ IISc 

Apart from academics :

My hobbies include reading, solving puzzles, listening to good music. Like every other Indian, cricket is my passion and can't miss a match if India is playing. 

@ sports I have no gr8 achievements.  But I do use to participate in sports in school days. I was also taking part in dramas @ school level (Thank god now I don't do that..) and once I had won first prize too (Now this is too much I know but it's true...).

While working in Pune I organized many events and trips for the team. I was responsible for designing and organizing 2 day math seminar for the team. Apart from this in my social life, I was President of VishanemaYuvaClub, Pune. This is community based club for youths in Vishanema Gujarati community in Maharashtra. 

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